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Deputies approve organ transplant law and the creation of the National Transplant Center.

On April 5th plenary session, the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly created the new organ transplant law and will form the national transplant center. It is something that families who this foundation … Read more

José Manuel Cárcamo Lopez and Rufino Ezequiel are Grateful

José Manuel Cárcamo Lopez and Rufino Ezequiel are two kids who have been fighting kidney health issues for over ten years. José Manuel is 16 years old from the City … Read more

Keiry Jazmin Rivera

Keiry Jazmín Rivera Castillo’s story

My name is Katherine Abigail Castillo; I want to share with you the story of my daughter and how God has given us the strength to continue fighting this difficult … Read more

Iris Violeta Foundation

Radiothon Saturday to help children at the Benjamin Bloom Hospital.

Once again, we are asking for your donations to help children suffering from Renal Failure at the Benjamin Bloom Hospital. Join us this upcoming Saturday, September 12th, from 10am all … Read more

Iris Violeta Foundation

August radiothon Saturday to help Iris Violeta Foundation.

This past Saturday, Agust 15th, Tag Heuer, @OptimusPrime65, or Enzo, as is known to many, hosted a 10 hour 8 minutes and 53-seconds radiothon. The objective of the radiothon was … Read more

Fundacion Iris Violeta

Iris Violeta Foundation heping others in June 2020.

Thanks to the donations of many selfless individuals, Iris Violeta foundation was able to help some kidney patients in El Salvador with vitamines and food baskets. We want to help … Read more