Fundacion Iris Violeta

What we do.

The following is a breakdown of activities that we do in the city of Oklahoma and in El Salvador. Every month, we strive to help many more families or individuals that need assistance with different needs.

In Oklahoma City.

Classes to help kids improve their reading skills.

Every Saturday, we held classes aim to help kids who are behind on their reading skills. Our focus is on 1st to 3rd graders who need to get ready for the Oklahoma 3rd grade proficiency test.

Support for pregnant women.

One of our main focuses is on helping pregnant women during the process of motherhood. We strive to accommodate their material and especially spiritual needs.

Giving food to low-income families.

On Saturdays, we deliver food items to low-income families, especially those who recently lost their jobs or are just arriving in the area. Objects that we give out include fruits, vegetables, and other basic necessities.

In El Salvador.

Giving vitamines to kidney disease patients.

At the Rosales hospital in San San Salvador, we provide kidney patients who receive hemodialysis treatment with vitamins to increase their immune system.

Helping Kids at the Benjamin Bloom children’s hospital.

Also, just like at the Rosales Hospital, we provide vitamins to children who receive hemodialysis treatment. Additionally, we help the kids and their families with whatever we can.

Food baskets to families in need.

Throughout the year, and when we have the funds to do it. We provide food baskets benefiting a large number of families. We focus on those families with low resources and that have children or elderly members with incurable diseases.

Christmas food baskets to low-income families.

Christmas season is a special holiday in El Salvador. During this time of the year, our Foundation gives away baskets of foods to those families in need. Once again, we focus on families with sick children or the elderly.

What we do.

I am Otilia, the founder of Iris Violeta Foundation, the things that we do are small compared to what is needed in Oklahoma and El Salvador. So, if you have the means, please give us a hand by making a donation or getting involved.

Thank you,
Otilia Sorto Fuentes.