Thanks, Otilia! God has put in her heart the willingness to help kidney patients, such as myself and others. For example, when Hemoglobin is lower, she happily sends Venofor. Also, when we need food because our pathology prevents us from working, she helps us.

She is a great person loved by many people. On one occasion, I told her about a friend who has a child with a disease for life and uses specific medicine; it wasn’t long before she sent aid. She has a big heart, and we love her very much.
Elvin Afefeiro jimenez

To my now friend Otilia, life presented it to me by chance, I do not remember who sent the invitation to Facebook first if it was her or me. Surely it had to be her, I suppose it because today that I know her, I know how she likes to help people, and especially those who have or had illnesses.

In my case, I came from a long fight with facial cancer, the same illness that led me to lose half of my face. I met her back in 2016 if I remember correctly, I was promoting my book, and she was visiting the country; she offered to buy my book from me.

Since then, our friendship on social networks was activated; we meet and see each other every time she visits El Salvador. Of course, if she has free time between visiting and helping patients with kidney failure at Hospital Rosales, or preparing dinners for children at Hospital Bloom.

In those comings and goings, we have shared experiences; also, she has introduced me to those who have her hand and who go through complicated situations with expensive treatments. Of course from my profession, I can help very little, but I wrote an article that summarizes improve these lines.
Santiago Leiva.
Reporter at Diario Co Latino.