How to help.

Iris Violeta Foundation is focusing its efforts on helping families in Oklahoma City and in El Salvador. If you live in any of those locations and are looking for ways to help, please contact us. We will find a way for you to get involved and help others.

Help in Oklahoma City.

The following are different ways that you can help our foundation in the City of Oklahoma.

  • Delivering food to families in need.
  • Help kids learn and get ready for the Oklahoma 3rd grade proficiency test.
  • Give support to pregnant women.
  • Other activities and events.

Send us a message and let us know your information. We will definitely find a way for you to help our organization and families in Oklahoma City.

Help in El Salvador.

Iris Violeta Foundation has deep ties to El Salvador; therefore, we do many activities in the country. The following are ways that you can help our foundation in El Salvador.

  • Delivering vitamins or other medicine to individuals with kidney decease.
  • Delivering food baskets to families in need.
  • Other activities and events that happen during the year.

All of these activities take place at different times of the year. If you are interested in helping others through the foundation, please contact us.