August radiothon Saturday to help Iris Violeta Foundation.

Aug 17, 2020

This past Saturday, Agust 15th, Tag Heuer, @OptimusPrime65, or Enzo, as is known to many, hosted a 10 hour 8 minutes and 53-seconds radiothon. The objective of the radiothon was to collect funds to help the Foundation Iris Violeta and Otilia Fuentes.

These funds collected are destined to buy medications needed for children suffering from Renal Failure at the Benjamin Bloom Hospital.

Just in case you didn’t know, one of the Iris Violenta Foundation’s main objectives is to provide these children with vitamins and medications. These vitamins or medications are expensive, and they need to be taken all the time.

With this short post, Iris Violeta Foundation and Otilia Fuentes would like to say thanks to every single person that was able to make a donation.

The Iris Violeta Foundation also wants to say thank you to all the people who shared, liked, or commented on any of the twitter feeds about the radiothon.

Nonetheless, a special thanks go to Enzo for the great work that he did during the 10 hours. Furthermore, a big thanks to Verito y Rebelde @RebeldeVerito, this radiothon was possible because of her support.



Once again, thank you to everyone for your help!