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José Manuel Cárcamo Lopez and Rufino Ezequiel are Grateful

Oct 21, 2021
Jose Manuel and Rufino
Jose Manuel and Rufino.

José Manuel Cárcamo Lopez and Rufino Ezequiel are two kids who have been fighting kidney health issues for over ten years.

José Manuel is 16 years old from the City of Sonsonate. Rufino is 15 years old from cantón Buena Vista Carretera San Vicente.

Jose Manuel and Ruffino are friends from different parts of the country. They are patients at the Benjamin Bloom Children’s Hospital and are fighting the same health problem.

Both had surgeries in October

In October, both Jose Manuel and Ruffino had surgeries done related to their health issues.

Health care in El Salvador is expensive, especially when it comes to kids fighting kidney problems. Each medical proceeding for Jose Manuel and Rufino cost $3,000.

Both families didn’t have the money to pay for these surgeries. However, thanks to many contributions, the money was put together for the surgeries.

Iris Violeta Foundation contributed $2,500 to each family for their operation. The money from the foundation came from contributions from many people.

Asking for Help.

Here are two short video tweets from Jose Manuel and Rufino Asking for Help.


Giving Thanks to anyone who Helped

Here are two videos from the kids after their surgeries. The kids and their families are grateful for the donations.


Rufino and Jose Manuel
Rufino and Jose Manuel

Additionally, Iris Violeta Foundation and Otilia would like to take this opportunity to thank those who helped Jose Manuel and Rufino.

God bless each person with a generous heart who helped Rufinito and Jose Manuel during this surgery. For them, from now on, the quality of life will be much better. God bless you for every dollar you send us. Thank you so much for everything. Otilia.

Kidney patients like Jose Manuel and his family have to endure tremendous financial hardship for his care. This is an ongoing fight; if anyone can continue to help them, please do so!